Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pilot Report 001 & 002 Posters

Since I've been using Adobe Photoshop CS3 a lot at work, I've been able to learn a good amount of tricks and techniques. I've decided I'm starting a line of 12x18 inch posters with the continuing title, Pilot Report. I'm going to try and use my photography in each one and find some sub copy that somehow relates to it. As you can see, the first poster has a photo I took in Kyoto, Japan (original picture). I was lucky enough to catch the plane flying at a slight angle in the distance, and I was pleasantly surprised when I snapped the text at an exact 15° angle and they lined up together perfectly! What are the chances?

But in case any of you haven't noticed, a lot of my inspiration for this comes from Scott Hansen's work. He just completely nailed a style that I fell in love with. So I'm using similar ideas that he has previously done and applying them to these.

I've uploaded and ordered one print from Snapfish and will report on the quality of the print when I receive it.

Update: I added a second one with a photograph I took of one of Roxanne Swentzell's pieces at the Brooklyn Museum. Unfortunately I forgot to write down what the name of it is. But I'll tell you one thing, I think Bodega Sans is a much more fitting font for the title Pilot Report.

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