Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pioneer RT-71

I just received this beauty in the mail today. It's a Pioneer RT-71 'reel to reel' player and recorder. I've always wanted to record live music on to one of these but have always thought they cost hundreds. But recently, after finding a large bag filled with old tape/reel recordings done by my Ojichan, I decided to research them and found one on eBay for about $103. Not bad considering other models run for hundreds, even thousands. Plus, Pioneer has always been a top-of-the-line company when it comes to audio equipment.

So when I opened it and plugged it all in I gave it a test run with one of my Grandfather's recordings. The sound is so clear on these things. I can't wait to hook up my Yamaha mixer to it and start recording some drums and guitar.


Cait said...

Damn ky that thing is amazing!!

mathehad said...

its a giant smiley face!

m71 said...

I was doing a google search to find out about the RT-71 as I may buy one tomarrow for $105 -that machine looks clean! Now I have to find blank tapes for it.