Monday, January 26, 2009

Over A Month - No Posts 2

I've decided to create a label named "Over A Month - No Posts". This way if you'd like to locate the first posts after each of my long, lazy blog breaks, well then you're just one click away. I'm going to go ahead and put all the blame on the cold weather which has sort of taken the fun out of going out on photo adventures. But this blog wasn't created for the sole purpose of posting your photography, Kyle! What happened to the album reviews, ikebana lessons, and drawings!? GIVE US MORE TILT-SHIFTS!!! Whoa, jeez. Stop yelling at myself, self.

Above are some '08 pictures I've uploaded recently to Flickr that I had forgotten were on my camera. Hopefully you will hear from me again within the next thirty days. Ciao.


Cait said...

hey if you don't hurry up it will be over a month since your over a month post :P

mensonges d'araignée said...

pictures are so good for the soul.