Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weird Gifs

I don't really know what the deal is with these but I like them. They look like stills from 8mm movies or something. Don't look at them for too long though, I already have a minor ache in mah head.


Nick said...

They look like old stereograms merged into anigifs in order to elicit their 3-D effect by more modern seizure-inducing means.

KChesterCRUNCH said...

It looks like the sort of television that i had in the first house i lived in. I dont think it matters how long you look at it. I was going to say that i can look at it for hours but that's probably not true. The pictures are like the pictures on the wall in my grandma's second apartment, she died, and we forgot to take them down. I guess someone else has them now. But the way they move looks like television from my old house. I remember my old house because i was actually pretty old when i moved out. I was thinking that you might be interested in reading a book about forgotten memories, that i read when i was a lot younger. I dont remember the name of it though. Do you post stuff like this a lot. It really made me remember my old television, i liked tv in those days, I just cant remember what was so special about it. These pictures really remind me of why it was special though. It's that old fashioned way of looking through the lens... people just dont see that way anymore. Anyway, thanks for adding these... they're very special to me now.

Kimmy Chester