Thursday, February 7, 2008

Japan 2007

Here's a short movie I edited with footage and photos taken in Japan last year:

My sister, Kelly, and her classmates from college had already been there around 2001 and I in 2004 with my friends. We were dying to go back and explore more of what Japan had to offer. So we decided we'd do it together. It was a very satisfying trip which included short (but sweet) visits with relatives and plenty of amazing food and scenery.

This video contains footage of us in Kamakura and Kyoto. There's also a quick shot taken at night from the window of our hotel in Tokyo (the last shot in the movie). The music is by Susumu Yakota who I feel really captures the spirit of Japan in much of his music. Next time I'll be sure to take MUCH more footage. Enjoy.

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